Cautions on Processing

machine processing
In the case of such machine processing work ascutting, drilling, finishing trimming, etc., pay enoughattention to the arrangement of safety measuresat the machine side (safety cover,etc.), grindingcondition of tools, fixing condition of SumipexTL, cooling condition (prevention of melt fusion, etc.) during the processing work, and so forth.

themo-forming processing
In the processing work like the press molding, blow molding, vacuum or press forming work, besure to carry out the heating in accordance withthe proper conditions for the respective materials.

adhesion processing
Make sure that enough ventilation is provided whenthe adhesion work is carried out by use of thesolvent type adhesive agent (methylene chloride,etc.), polymerization type adhesive agent or polymerization adhesive agent. As to the details of work,please contract us.

print processing
Select and use the printing materials exclusively prepared for mathacrylate sheets.