Cautions in Use

Cautions in Use
SumipexTL shrinks and expands in accordance with the temperature and humidity. When the useof Sumipex TL is decided, be sure to determine the size of sheet in sufficient consideration of eventualshrinkage and expansion.
There is a possibility that SumipexTL may be deformedat high temperature. So keep SumipexTL sheets below 50 C.
SumipexTL has the similar surface hardness withthat of aluminium. In order to prevent the damage and scratch, carry out the transport and installation work in careful and gentle way.
-Keep the protective paper/film in position duringthe handling and peel it off only after the workfinish.
-To remove the stains and dirts from the sheets, use water or neutral detergent solution (about 1%concentration), and wipe them off gently with soft cloth
SumipexTL may suffer from the whitening phenomenon, cracking trouble, ect. when contacted with the organic solvents. In the environment with higher moisture, such troubles tend tohappen in more intensive manner. Therefore, take this point into consideration when the use place or storage site is to be selected.