Cautions in Storage

Cautions is Storage

Cautions in Storage q






When SumipexTL is to be kept in custody, be sure to keep the protective paper/firm on. Avoid such a place for storage, where the solvent vapor may ve presented. A place, where the temperature may be raised or the direct sunshine may be found, cannot be the proper place for storage of SumipexTL. The horizontal placement and vertical placement methods have the respective advantage in storage of SumipexTL. Pay attention to the following points described below so that the plate warping may be prevented.
-horizontal placement
While a larger amount of sheets can be placed by this method, the sheet at lower layer get difficult to take out for use. Try to place larger size sheets at the lower section, and the smaller sizesheets at the higher position. If possible, it is desirable to pile up the sheet heap height up to about 50 centimeter. Do not pile up excessively high. Or the panal may be warped and SumipexTL may be bent too.
-vertical placement
this arrangement is recommended to store a veriety of grades of sheets in good order. It is advised to set the sheets leaned against the partition wall at the inclination angle of approx. 10 degree asshown in Storage Fig. (3) If leaned in wrong way, the sheet may be warped. Be careful and avoid such a trouble.