Cautions in Handing

For the safe use of SumipexTL, never fail to read the Material Safety Data Sheets, prior to handing and use. SumipexTL is made of methyl methacrylate monomer that is thermoplastic, combustible and solube to organic solvents. Observe the following caution matters in handling it.

-Besure to wear the protection tools(protection gloves, protection glasses, protection cloth, etc.) during the handling work.
-Since the edge of sheet is sharp, it may cut the skin of worker.
-There is a danger possibility that, during the cutting work, the flying fragment may injure the eye of worker.
-Install the local exhaust device at the work place, where the heat drying or melting work is conducted.
-Thermal decomposition gas may be generated at the high temperature heathing operation.
-There is a danger possibility that the generated gas may catch fire.
-In case the generated decomposition gas is inhaled, headache or nausea may be caused. In case worker complains of bed feeling after inhaling the decomposition gas, bring him to the place,   where he can breathe the fresh air and make him rest quietly. If necessary, have the doctor check the condition of such worker.
-Do not allow to use fire at the handling or storage place.
-There is a danger that it catches fire and burns. Flash point: Over 400C. Classification in Fire Extinguishment Act in Japan: Designated combustible material, synthetic resin group.
-When burnt, such toxic gas as carbon monoxide may be generated due to incomplete combustion.

For fire extinguishment, water carbon dioxide type-or, foam type-or, powder type-fire extinguishing agent can be used.
-For discarding and disposal, assign the disposal work to the approved industrial waste diposal agents or regional public institutes.
-Waste can be either recycled or disposed in standrad-approved incinerators.
-Carry out the disposal work in conformity with the provisions of law and regional ordinances and regulations, such as “Act concerning the disposal and information on the disposal material”.
-SumipexTL has such grades which meet ASTM and JIS. Contact us for consultation if you are working for use in food packaging application.