Research and Development

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Research and Development

As the leading manufacturer of cast acrylic sheet,  we have consistently improved and developed our production processes, products and services to achieve the better efficiency, and also have advanced our innovation to support customers’ rising demands according to the company’s business philosophy

  • To create new products

We have created and opened up the new product range for the various applications such as High Impact sheet, Flame Retardant sheet, UV protection sheet and also the Anti-bacteria sheet.


  • To provide fully equipped laboratory

We have installed several of machines, equipments and technical facilities e.g. spectrophotometer, bathtub thermoforming machine, xenon weathering machine, digital microscope and etc to conduct the experimental, testing and analysis.


  • To service technical support

Our R&D has been enhanced through technical support by Sumitomo Chemical, one of Japan‘s biggest chemical companies, and our technical service team is promptly to assist customers’ meticulous requirements.